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Mary's Book

Mary Bigler's Lessons Learned is a compelling examination of what Mary has learned as a student, teacher and speaker. Her amusing, insightful and inspiring stories gleaned from a lifetime in the classroom and on the speaking circuit are addressed to all teachers everywhere. She will charm you with her humor, optimism and thoughtfulness. With wit, warmth and wisdom, she explores both the joys and the tribulations of teaching and celebrates renowned educators as well as the unsung heroes who teach next door to us or down the hall. She magically weaves her experiences, philosophy, observations, values and enthusiasm in such a way as to light up your eyes, tickle your funny bone, touch your heart and elevate your soul. It is a privilege to read the riveting lessons that this extraordinary educator has learned. It should be required reading for every teacher, administrator, and parent-for anyone who cares about raising and educating young people.

Whether you are learning, teaching or speaking, a teacher, administrator or parent, a novice or veteran, Mary Bigler's Lessons Learned will:

  • Put a twinkle in your eye, a smile on your lips and a glow in your heart
  • Empower you to make learning fun and exciting
  • Connect you to talented, caring educators
  • Help you to get your students to believe in themselves
  • Give you parenting and teaching treasures
  • Add adventure to your classroom
  • Inspire you to do your best each and every day
  • Don't miss this opportunity to experience the best of Mary's stories while she lightens your load, brightens your life, and re-kindles your passion for the wonderful and vital career that you have chosen.

    Mary's Book on CD

    Enjoy listening to the complete text of Mary Bigler's Lessons Learned read delightfully by Mary, herself, on a 3 CD set.

    Mary's Tape and CD

    This live recording of Mary's most popular speech, "Teaching With Pizzazz!" celebrates the joys and challenges of teaching. You will be reminded of why you chose this vital calling of education and you will be inspired to do your best each and every day. You will laugh, learn and enjoy all that this master teacher has to say. Available on audio cassette tape or CD.

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