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Workshop Presentations

Mary Bigler's workshops on literacy issues are practical, informative, researched-based and entertaining. She shares a multitude of ideas on how to help students of all abilities to become better readers and writers. In addition, she presents strategies on how to help students become efficient, independent, life-long learners. She motivates teachers to a renewed commitment to teaching, students and learning.


Literacy, Laughter, and Learning

I learned more about motivation, classroom management and solid techniques for teaching today than in six years of university classes. I leave refreshed and armed with many exciting ideas to engage my kids in literacy activities. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Fifth Grade Teacher, In-service

This lively, interactive, idea-packed and laughter-filled presentation is for teachers who want to deliver effective literacy instruction to all their students. Strategies for developing phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension abilities will be shared. Classroom-tested activities based on scientific research will enable teachers to meet Common Core Standards while having fun with their students. Teachers will leave this dynamic workshop with many ideas that will engage all students in learning and improve their reading achievement.
Audience: elementary teachers.

Creating Strategic Readers in the Secondary Classroom

What an exciting and useful day! I have been teaching 27 years and this is the most valuable in-service I have ever attended. Mary, you are magical. I was engaged from start to finish. You actually gave me things I could use with my high school students. The vocabulary and comprehension activities will help my students understand their textbooks better. You are the consummate teacher. The highest compliment I can give is that I was genuinely disappointed that we didn't have more time. Please, please come back and share more of your knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and humor.
— High School Teacher

This practical and enjoyable workshop will focus on instructional strategies, activities and materials that will assist secondary students in becoming better readers in all content areas. Research-based and effective instructional practices for creating interest in reading and for developing vocabulary, fluency and comprehension abilities will be shared. Teachers will learn how to engage students more actively in reading, meet Common Core Standards, improve test scores, increase achievement, differentiate instruction, encourage higher level thinking and instill an interest in reading.

Required time: one hour-all day.
Audience: middle school and high school teachers and administrators.

Literacy Instruction: What Every Administrator Should Know

This was a tough audience but Dr. Bigler presented a common sense, completely 'doable' program. There are no excuses for not addressing the literacy needs of staff and students NOW. She negotiated the delicate balance between theory and practice unlike anyone I have ever heard or read. She got us "fired up" about our important mission of supporting the literacy efforts of all students. 'Thanks' is inadequate but I, and all of my staff, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
— Curriculum Director

As instructional leaders, administrators and coaches need to know what constitutes effective literacy programs and how to support their development and implementation. This engaging, informative and practical workshop will present ideas that administrators can utilize to support teachers’ efforts to improve student achievement, increase test scores, differentiate instruction, help their students enjoy reading and writing and develop life-long learners. Instructional strategies that address the Common Core Standards will be shared.

Required time: one-three hours.
Audience: principals, curriculum directors, Title I supervisors, reading coaches.

Mary Bigler
Good Books = Good Times

Mary Bigler shares the joy and wonder of reading by introducing books that will tickle children's funny bones, light up their eyes or touch their hearts. Joke books, picture books, novelty books, poetry, informational texts and resource books will be featured. She discusses the importance of reading aloud to children and demonstrates how to actively engage children in reading so that every child experiences success.

Required time: one-three hours.
Audience: elementary teachers.

I can't wait to get back to my classroom and read, read, read to my students! You have validated what I have always believed. If we want children to be readers, we must read to them. I am so overwhelmed with what I have to teach that I frequently don't do what I know works best to turn children into readers — read to them. Thank you for affirming what I already knew.
— First Grade Teacher

Comprehension Activities That Work

Evidenced-based research supporting strategies that assist students in close reading and comprehension of informational and narrative text will be introduced in this workshop. Activities that help students monitor their reading, self-question, identify main ideas, infer and predict while they read, visualize and summarize what they read and engage in higher level thinking will be shared in this practical and informative program.

Time required: one-three hours.
Audience: separate workshops for elementary and secondary teachers.

I was so impressed by the active involvement you were able to obtain from our staff. They are not excited about having to teach reading and I wasn't sure what your reception would be but your enthusiasm for reading and its importance in the content areas won them over. You established your credibility when you revealed that you had taught high school history so you 'have been there, done that.' You must come back because I have the feeling we are just getting started.
— Secondary School Improvement Team Member

Listening, Laughing and Learning

Songs, chants, poems and books that engage students with language, will be featured in this interactive workshop featuring brain-based research. Ideas for improving children's listening and speaking abilities will be shared. Activities that build imagination, classroom community, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition and fluency will be presented.

Required time: one-three hours.
Audience: elementary teachers.

Every time I hear Mary Bigler, I am in awe. She sparkles when she shares her ideas about how to engage children in meaningful, functional language activities. I wish we could clone her.
— Second Grade Teacher

Customized Workshops and In-Service

Designed to meet the needs of your particular audience are available upon request.

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